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McEvoy Ranch

ODE Hand & Body Wash Growler Refill

ODE Hand & Body Wash Growler Refill

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Growlers refill the Hand & Body Wash 7.6 FL OZ bottle 8x ($101 Savings).

This nourishing foaming wash gently cleanses while providing rich hydration. This is body care that nourishes as it clarifies, replenishing your skin barrier as it cleans. McEvoy Ranch's Hand & Body Wash is crafted with:

  • Organic EVOO to naturally pulls dirt from the skin without stripping moisture for a gentle cleanse.
  • Aloe Vera to calm and balance all skin types with trace minerals and phytonutrients.
  • Glycerin which binds moisture to the skin.
  • Chamomile Flower Extract which is rich in B Vitamins for a healthy glow.

Reusable pumps are sold separately to reduce landfill waste.

The Citrus Collection energizes with notes of orange citrus, spicy ginger and earthy vetiver in this contemporary twist on a classic scent. This fragrance is dimensional and complex, not too sweet and full of depth. Dozens of citrus trees can be found in our Culinary Garden at the Ranch, and a walk on a spring day fills the senses with orange, topsoil, and floral notes.

Distinct and calming Lavender pairs beautifully with notes of jasmine, tuberose, and sandalwood to create an uplifting, modern blend to support peace and wellbeing. As you arrive at the Ranch and pass through our bronze Bunny Gate, 2,000 Grosso and Provence lavender plants buzzing with butterflies and bees sprawl ahead of you on Lavender Hill. This view creates the perfect moment to pause and appreciate the beauty, stillness, and unique fragrant aroma welcoming you to the Ranch.

The Verde Collection layers the scents of freshly cut grass, herbaceous basil, green olive, and ripe tomato leaf to create a signature scent with the distinct and uplifting feeling of the outdoors. While strolling through rows of olive trees at our Ranch in Petaluma, California, you’ll brush against low hanging branches and walk through the tall grass that sprouts from the earth below. We formulated this scent as a way to evoke this experience at home.

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