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Horizon Collection Candle

Horizon Collection Candle

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Himalayan's Horizon candles are truly one of a kind, artistic pieces that evoke beautiful images of horizon landscapes.  They have a textured gold and/or silver finish at the base and a shiny, smooth finish at the top.  This candle has two wicks and is four inches by five inches tall.  This candle container is made of thick glass, hand blown in four colors with uneven rims – a one of a kind centerpiece suited for every style. Each piece will vary in its finish and texture. 

The Horizon Collection includes the following scents: Hidden Cove, Bourbon Vanilla, Woodland Mist, Tobacco Bark, Orange Grove, Grapefruit Pine, Ginger Patchouli, Sunlight in the Forest, Desert Springs & Juniper Incense.

22 ounces | 4" x 5" | 2 Wick | Burn Time ~ 50 hours

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