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Jack Black

Beard Lube: Conditioning Shave with Jojoba & Eucalyptus

Beard Lube: Conditioning Shave with Jojoba & Eucalyptus

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What it is: A transparent formula that functions as a preshave oil, shave cream and after-shave conditioner to soften facial hair for a smooth, pain-free shave.

Who it's for: Formulated for the needs of men's skin.

What it does: This superlight formula won't clog your blade, rinses easily and allows you to navigate around sideburns, beards and mustaches. Enjoy a smooth, effortless glide with this soothing, hydrating formula that's rich in nourishing fatty acids and phospholipids. It contains macadamia nut oil, which an extremely high quality oil that penetrates and works below the skin's surface to soften and hydrate; jojoba oil, which softens, moisturizes and protects the skin through a lubricating, protective cushion; glycerin, a natural humectant which helps maintain the skin's moisture balance; and phospholipids, which are a rich source of essential fatty acids to bind moisture to the skin and support the natural skin barrier. Heather, a botanical, provides soothing and anti-irritant properties; an advanced silicone blend allows for a superior glide and prevents a clogged razor blade; menthol provides cooling and antibacterial benefits; and peppermint and eucalyptus provide a fresh, tingling sensation.

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