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Metalystic Love Knot Bangle

Metalystic Love Knot Bangle

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The most hyper-specific friendship bracelets available. Each color is an ode to the best parts of any kind of connection, and it’s cool enough to wear even if you don’t have any friends.

We create the Metalystic colors on our bracelets using a unique method that isn’t traditional plating, but actually vaporization that is deposited onto the recycled brass base. This not only looks amazingly cool, but also keeps them hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and tarnish-resistant. The Metalystic finish is also durable, keeping the vibrant colors and shine over time.

All of &Livy's products are responsibly sourced.

· Recycled metals
· Handcrafted in RI
· Expandable and adjustable
· Hypo-allergenic nickel free
· Tarnish resistant


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