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Totally Bamboo

Baltique Marrakesh Cocktail Utensils

Baltique Marrakesh Cocktail Utensils

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Liven up the party with the Baltique® Marrakesh Bartending utensils! These include all the tools needed for expert-level mixology with a splash of dizzying color. Each stainless steel tool features touch points of masterfully crafted layered birch wood. The vibrant wood color scheme was inspired by the bright and bustling marketplaces of the Moroccan metropolis of Marrakesh.

Inspired by the bright and bustling marketplaces of the Moroccan metropolis of Marrakesh, this collection features an attention-grabbing array of color.

Baltique® is a line of birch wood utensils created by Totally Bamboo.

  • Our durable stainless steel jigger offers 1 ounce and 1.5 ounce measurements for liquor while the gorgeous multi-colored handle provides a comfortable grip
  • This mixing spoon is specially designed to complement the stirring motion for a continous and smooth stir; the spiral can also be used to pour drinks down the spoon without spilling; cocktail spoon is 12 inches long
  • The Hawthorne Strainer's coiled spring prevents large ice chunks, fruit pieces, mint leaves and other solid ingredients from the drink creation process from escaping into the finished mixed drink
  • No home bar is complete without a muddler; this 8-7/8" muddler is ideal for prepping a delicious mojito, mint julep, old fashioned, caipirinha, mocktails and more
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