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Sweary Bingo

Sweary Bingo

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Experience the sheer joy of swearing at your friends and loved ones in this simple, highly addictive and hilarious board game. There is a selection 64 insulting and creative swear words to shout out, in this potty-mouthed version of the classic game. Liberating, stress-relieving and &^%*ing good fun!

Box contains:
A master board
12 player boards
64 tiles
100 counters

Fold-flat tile box PLAY BINGO WITH EDGE! Shock yourself and your friends with 64 colorful and highly offensive swear words! Each player gets a game card with 16 random expletives: the first to complete their board gets to shout BINGO - or something far worse...
GLOSSARY INCLUDED: to explain some more unusual terms, lists the geographic origin, highlight creative variations and generally raise your swearing game
FOR 3-12 PLAYERS: the ultimate party game for large and small groups but definitely not for kids! It's a shocking delight with friends and breaks the ice with strangers
EXPAND YOUR CURSE WORD VOCABULARY: to explain some more unusual terms and generally raise your swearing game
SCREEN FREE FUN for up to 12 players, recommended for ages 16+. Comes with bingo board measuring 430x430mm (17x17 in.) when laid out, 12-game boards, 64 chips, 200 counters and instruction leaflet

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