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Symbol Wrap

Symbol Wrap

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Whether you bump into your ex on what was supposed to be your quiet route, or work hits you with “it’s not you, it's us”, or the grocery store feels more like a rave than a place to snag some spaghetti — these symbols are here for you. Think of these Symbol Wraps like armor for your daily life and beyond. They’ve seen empires rise and fall and helped people through it, so they can guide you through situations both big (and seemingly big) in the moment. And they also look really good, which is also a plus.

We start with high-quality recycled brass. It’s engineered to be formable, meaning it'll contour perfectly around your wrist. Finish: Next up, we start with 99.999% silver or 24K gold, take it through our proprietary process that creates a vintage look while strengthening it. This eco-friendly, proprietary process also makes it tarnish-resistant and hypoallergenic. And, as always, it’s Nickel-free. Only the finest for your skin, darling. We got you.

All of &Livy's products are responsibly sourced.

· Recycled metals
· Handcrafted in RI
· Expandable and adjustable
· Hypo-allergenic nickel free
· Tarnish resistant

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